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Independent Contractor or Employee? The Difference, and Why You Should Care

In Blog, Contracts 101, Independent Contractors by Shannon Montgomery

As a business owner you will likely get to the point where you need to hire some help. Face it, we can’t do everything on our own. Whether you want to hire a true employee or an independent contractor matters. It is something that creates very different tax consequences for you and the business. That is a decision that you, …

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Personal Training and the Law

In Blog by Shannon Montgomery

As an attorney obtaining a license (or certification for the purposes of this article) to practice law is the first step in your career. In fact, attorneys are required to get licensed in every single state they want to practice in. You have to be qualified. And each states determination of this is different. The legal profession is easily one …

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Shhh Don’t tell! NDA’s and What You Need to Know

In Contracts 101 by Shannon Montgomery

Non disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, or NDA, for short can be invaluable to an entrepreneur. If you plan to share proprietary information with another company or person then you’re going to want an NDA in place. Most people think, hey it’s a given- don’t talk about what you know is “top secret.” But I can assure you, that is not …