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Five Reasons NOT to be a Sole Proprietor.

In Blog, Business Entities by Shannon Montgomery

Hopefully, by now you have read through one of my many past articles so you have seen me discuss things like business entities, why they are important, and even how to take the first steps to set something up for yourself. But, I don’t doubt that there are still so many questions regarding entity formation and what entity is the …

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Non-Compete Agreements: Will yours hold up?

In Contracts 101 by Shannon Montgomery

In my niche market a lot of the people I work with work on a contractor or consulting basis with their customers or clients. Because of this, I have been asked non-competes pretty regularly. Non-Competes are one of those areas of law that are very different depending on what state you are living in so this article is going to …

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Intellectual Property Tips for the Online Entrepreneur

In Trademark 101 by Shannon Montgomery

In today’s world, it isn’t strange to explain to someone that you work full time online as a content creator. Some of the most successful 20 and 30 somethings have turned their YouTube channel into big business, and it seems like every high school kid is aspiring to do the same. So, while there is no shortage of those of …

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Don’t Forget the Terms of Purchase!

In Online Business Necessities by Shannon Montgomery

I’ve discussed terms of service, or terms and conditions for your website. You can always go check that article out here. But today I want to discuss another area where having some terms and conditions on your website is so very crucial to the success of your online business. Online Stores protection 101: So no, this isn’t a cybersecurity article …