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Boilerplate Contract Clauses and What They Mean

In Blog, Contracts 101 by Shannon Montgomery

You may or may not have heard the term boilerplate before. It’s just another fancy word used by attorneys to describe the standardized language used in contracts. And although not all contracts contain the same boilerplate language, many do and I think it will be helpful for you to know what the heck some of those things mean. If you …

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How to Properly Sign a Contract for your Business:

In Contracts 101 by Shannon Montgomery

A few articles back I discussed the importance of not being a sole proprietor and why forming a business entity with your state is so important. You can check that out here in case you missed it. So hopefully after you read that, and any other warning I’ve given, you know that having a business entity is extremely important. With …

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What Does That (copyrighted) Image Mean to You?

In Copyrights 101 by Shannon Montgomery

Last week I discussed defamation, one of the multiple issues that might affect a social media influencer and their growing business. This week we are turning to a more commonly discussed issue and one that I have discussed at length here on the blog copyrights. I am not going to discuss what a copyright is, how you protect it, or …