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Arbitrary or Fanciful: Choose a Strong Mark

In Blog, Trademark 101 by Shannon Montgomery

In a recent article, I discussed the importance of not having a company name that is merely descriptive or generic This week I want to talk about the types of marks you do want, in order to obtain trademark registration with the USPTO. As mentioned earlier, distinctiveness gives a mark the ability to distinguish the goods or services upon which …

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Force Majeure: What is it and should it be in my agreements?

In Contracts 101 by Shannon Montgomery

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been thrust into an unprecedented situation. Businesses across the globe have been ordered to close their doors and the ripple effect has affected both consumers and businesses. With companies unable to provide their goods/services, many are trying to find ways to protect themselves and avoid lawsuits. Enter the Force Majeure clause…. What …