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Quick Copyright Facts

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Check out my latest video where I discuss the one thing you should understand about copyright protection! If you have questions or want to talk more about copyright issues feel free to send an email to me at And remember, this is not legal advice, just some legal knowledge for you!

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Social Media: Actually it isn’t the Wild West Part 1

In Copyrights 101, Trademark 101 by Shannon Montgomery

As promised here is the first installment of articles discussing the laws and regulations that apply to social media use and yes, to influencers. Intellectual property (IP) is a huge chunk of my law practice. I spend the majority of my time on trademark prosecution followed by some copyright registration and a lot of IP education. For a background on …

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What Does That (copyrighted) Image Mean to You?

In Copyrights 101 by Shannon Montgomery

Last week I discussed defamation, one of the multiple issues that might affect a social media influencer and their growing business. This week we are turning to a more commonly discussed issue and one that I have discussed at length here on the blog copyrights. I am not going to discuss what a copyright is, how you protect it, or …

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#BuildingStrongBusinesses: Getting Legal and Getting Strong

In Contracts 101, Copyrights 101, Online Business Necessities by Shannon Montgomery

Being strong isn’t just an important aspect of fitness, it’s an important aspect of being a business owner. As an attorney for entrepreneurs, I have had the pleasure of working with a few people in the fitness entrepreneurial space and no one understands the importance of building a strong business quite like them. So, rather than write about some far …

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Tips to Protect your Online Course or Ebook

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Working with creative entrepreneurs in the fitness space has exposed me to the wide world of online courses and e-books. Whether you’ve created a 7-day course on transitioning from counting macros to intuitively eating or writing out a book on your favorite moves in the gym selling that product online can be profitable, but leave you open to infringement lawsuits, …

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DMCA Takedown Requests: How to Ensure You’re Compliant

In Blog, Copyrights 101, Online Business Necessities by Shannon Montgomery

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is the main piece of legislation that has allowed websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to grow and keep from being sued out of business. Essentially the DMCA is a safe harbor process that allows owners of websites to remove any intellectual property that someone claims are infringing on their rights, without also being …