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Social Media, #Influencers, and the FTC

In Business 101, Creative Entrepreneurs by Shannon Montgomery

Social Media advertising is a billion-dollar industry. Make that $19.3 billion in 2018 in the United States. It’s no wonder everyone wants to be an influencer, work with influencers, or be the brand every influencer wants to work with. So it’s also not surprising that the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) is continuing to disrupt influencer marketing by handing out …

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Do these 8 things before launching your app!

In Creative Entrepreneurs by Shannon Montgomery

Silicon Valley, tech startups, mobile apps, and scientific advances that are often too good to be true (looking at you today Theranos). Technology has never really been my thing, but helping young entrepreneurs is and if the people want to build apps well then, I want to help them do that. Today’s article is inspired by a recent client consultation …